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From the very beginning, everyone fell in love with Disney's pint-sized pixie, Tinker Bell. And through all her magical adventures, we've come to know that her small size is no match for all the love she has in her big heart. Now, she shares her love with her fine-feathered friends in the Disney Owl Always Love You Figurine Collection, from The Hamilton Collection.

Each edition in this collection features Tinker Bell with her baby owl friend in affectionate poses celebrating their friendship. Completely hand-sculpted and handcrafted in artist's resin, these Disney fairies figurines are meticulously hand-painted, from the pair's endearing expressions to their cute poses. Plus, Tinker Bell's sparkly crystalline wings shine as bright as her love for her sweet woodland owl friend.

Measures approximately 3-1/2" H; 8.9 cm H