Tinkerbell dream believe & sparkle

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Lifting high off her real mirrored base on a sparkling crystalline swirl, Disney's feisty pixie Tinker Bell is well on her way - straight to your heart! Now, delight in Disney's sweet and sassy pixie with an officially licensed Tinker Bell figurine that's sure to enchant one and all. Introducing the Disney Dream, Believe and Sparkle Figurine, available from The Hamilton Collection in an edition limited to 95 casting days.

Master Artisans handcraft every intricate detail of this Disney collectible figurine, from Tinker Bell's crystalline wings to the famous pom-poms on her shoes that are actually extra-large sculpted faux pearls. For added sparkle, this fabulous pixie twinkles with 50 genuine Swarovski® crystals, which are hand-applied to her wings, dress and even the crystalline star she holds in her hand to help guide her way to your heart.

Measures approximately 8" H; 20.3 cm H